So I was on Instagram…

And I was just looking through all of YiFan’s pictures and I saw that he was only following 23 people and I decided to look at those people. Out of those 23 people, he’s following all of the EXO members that have Instagram accounts. There’s just something so very real about that and I guess I’m just in my feelings a tad bit.


Destiny- Infinite


I’m totally in love with this song and music video. Not only do all the members look incredibly sexy, but the lyrics are wonderful. The same reason I fell in love with “The Chaser”. “Protect her so she won’t forget you (I’m going off of my rusty Korean so…)”. Now this song has a feeling of absence makes the heart grow fonder. They left their girlfriend(s) and now they’re sort of begging her to take them back saying they will “take all the pain just for her”. I say sort of because they also mention “You cannot escape me, because you’re my destiny” O.o But anyway, I also love the sci-fi sortish feel of the song as well. And now my aimless rambling will end. So go check it out if you haven’t!