KIY: SHINee Wall Art

So I was sitting around trying to think of something to spice up my new room since I’ve just moved, and the idea for the SHINee wall art popped into mind!

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So I was on Instagram…

And I was just looking through all of YiFan’s pictures and I saw that he was only following 23 people and I decided to look at those people. Out of those 23 people, he’s following all of the EXO members that have Instagram accounts. There’s just something so very real about that and I guess I’m just in my feelings a tad bit.

K-pop Fans Vs. K-pop Fans

Let’s just love~


sunny frown meme

Why is it that even though k-pop fans tend to love meeting other k-pop fans in person, there’s so much rivalry online between netizens? Every time I read comments on k-pop sites or blogs, I find that fans fight over basically anything. Think about it this way. K-pop may be spreading but the fan population still has a way to go before becoming really popular. As for now, k-pop fans should still be banding together in unity with the goal of spreading k-pop even more! Sensitive topics naturally arise sometimes and hence lead to disagreements, but bickering over petty issues is just unnecessary.

For example, I find that many k-pop fans love to argue about which band is the best. I’ve done this myself in the past and I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t even make sense. Which band is the best is up to the person —…

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Ignorance is Not Bliss


blackface pic for blog

We’ve been through it before, but we hoped it wouldn’t rear its ugly head again. While its unfortunate that it has returned, we’re just happy that we’re here to address it this time while its still a hot topic. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the first and last time we ever have to confront this. What are we talking about? Blackface in Korea.

Just recently, MC Jun Hyun Moo thought it would be a great idea to dress up as Sam Otswiri (or better known as, Sam Ochiri)in Blackface if his show hits 3% in viewer ratings. Although it was only a suggestion that has not yet been put into action, it has caused a disturbance amongst netizens as to whether it is acceptable, or rather why it really isn’t. While some blame the journalist’s prejudicial view on the premise that this act is racist, we can confidently say…

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Misled K-pop Stars: Racial Ignorance in Korea



What is Black English?

A term that is often found in the kpop industry. If you’re searching for a definition, good luck with that; we’re just here to save you a trip. Still, it remains real in the minds of many, especially kpop idols. The second the term “black english” is thrown about, people typically think of ghetto people and base their perception from generalized stereotypes, which leads to dangerous thinking for K-pop stars as it can lead to hurt fans.

There have been instances in which these stars unknowingly isolated and insulted their african american fans as they attempted to capture and mimic what black english is. For example, BTS’ Rapmonster decided to showcase his English skills on a radio show as he offered to “talk like a black person” for everybody, more specifically, black english. Even though we were insulted by his impression, the only redeeming quality was…

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Kpop Fashion Kreation; Uber Kpop Designs

Okay, so this Kpop Fashion Kreation isn’t really a creation. I got a submission in from Alyssa with the link of her kpop clothing store. I’m guessing she designs the items herself and they actually look quite nice! Here are some of the designs found on her site…

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 4.23.16 PMAnd the best part is:  For the month of December on every Friday there will be an item on sale make sure you check every Friday to see what new item is on sale! That item will stay on sale till the next Friday comes!

So do me a big favor and check Uber Kpop Designs out~!

Doo Joon and Fat-Shaming

One thing I’ve noticed in my near 4 years of being in the kpop world is that weight seems to be a huge thing in Korea. In my opinion the Korean media shows weight in light that screams “skinny = happy and socially accepted”. In my opinion, this is just plain poisonous. I single-handedly brought my younger cousin into the kpop world. She is very beautiful, but she’s not exactly lean and definitely not Korea skinny. She’s young and very self-conscious. I love kpop, but I can’t help myself but feel bad that I introduced her to it. Right now, all she knows is the music thank god. She doesn’t know all the scandals and just hurtful things behind it.

Anyway, back to what the title says. I might be a little late, but the other day I decided I wanted to look up some Beast variety shows because they were my introduction to kpop and now I’m really starting to feel detached from them. All was fine and dandy until I came upon a certain video. It was a Guerilla Date episode from waaaaay back. At around the 3:35 mark the PD brings up an (and I’m being blunt not rude) overweight lady for Doo Joon to piggyback. Upon seeing the girl Doo Joon turn to the side and sticks out his tongue to the camera mocking her weight.

Yes, she was overweight (she even said it herself), but was it REALLY necessary to embarrass her like that? She came as your fan out in the street at night surrounded by a crowd of other people and this is how you treat her? What kind of idol treats a fan like that? That just angered me so much. I mean yeah sure you’re famous and you have talent or whatever, but would you have any of that fame and recognition if it weren’t for the fans? How dare you sit there and treat your fan, who mind you has come from another country to yours, like some kind of mockery? That’s not even the point that upsets me the most. I can imagine myself in this girl’s position. I’d wait forever and ever for the show to come out with English subtitles so I could see myself and oppa together. I’d be watching it and when the 3:35 mark came up I’d be utterly ashamed and discouraged. How could someone who I spent so much time and effort on treat me like that? Someone who I always hoped and prayed would always be happy and prosperous in life. I never fancied Doo Joon, nor did I dislike him. However, now there’s no hope for him with me. Sure I will support BEAST. But from now on I will always feel a hurt when I see Doo Joon. Call me stupid, I mean it’s a hurt that’s not even mine, but I’m a very emotional person and I can’t help feel super upset for that girl.

And just as I disclaimer; I love kpop. It makes me happy and keeps me going. But it’s definitely not perfect. I’m fine with that, but that doesn’t mean I want to extend it with my loved ones.

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