Soyou & JungGiGo’s “썸”(Some)

I am absolutely in love with “Some” sang by Junggigo and Soyou. The melody is light and sweet and it just makes me feel happy. Their voices are so light and feathery and fit beautifully with each other. This is basically “This could be us, but you playin'” in song version. Two people have been hanging out for a while and now it feels as if they’re dating each other, even though they no they’re not. They’re waiting for some sort of clarification on their relationship status from the other person.

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Sometimes, I get annoyed without even knowing
But my feelings for you haven’t changed
Maybe I’m the weird one, I thought
As I struggled by myself

Gakkeumssik nado moreuge jjajeungina
Neoreul hyanghan mameun byeonhaji anhanneunde
Hoksi naega isanghan geolkka
Honja himdeulge jinaego isseosseo

While tossing and turning alone in an empty room
The TV plays reruns of yesterday’s drama
As I hold my phone that doesn’t ring until I sleep

Teong bin bang honja meonghani dwicheogida
Tibieneun eoje bon geot gateun deurama
Jami deul ttaekkaji hanbeondo ulliji annneun haendeuponeul deulgo
These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not

It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
What are we? I’m confused, don’t be aloof
It feels like we’re lovers, it seems like we’re lovers but not
Whenever you see me, you act so vague to me
These days, I hate hearing that I’m just like a friend

Yojeumttara naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo
Nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na
Ige museun saiin geonji sasil hetgallyeo muttukttukhage guljima
Yeoninin deut yeonin anin yeonin gateun neo
Naman bol deut aemaehage nal daehaneun neo
Ttaeroneun chingu gatdaneun mari
Gwaenhi yojeum nan deutgi sirheojyeosseo

I want to open my eyes to your text every morning
I want to fall asleep with your voice at the end of the day
On the weekends, I want to hug you in front of a lot of people as if I’m showing off

Maeil achim neoui munjae nuneul tteugo
Haru kkeuteneun ni moksorie jamdeulgo pa
Jumareneun manheun saram sogeseo
Boran deusi neol kkeureo ango sipeo

These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
These days, I hate hearing that I’m just like a friend

Yojeum ttara naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo
Nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na
Ige museun saiin geonji sasil hetgallyeo muttukttukhage guljima
Yeoninin deut yeonin anin yeonin gateun neo
Naman bol deut aemaehage nal daehaneun neo
Ttaeroneun chingu gatdaneun mari
Gwaenhi yojeum nan deutgi sirheojyeosseo

I don’t like you, don’t like you these days
But I only have you, I only have you
Clearly draw the line for me
Don’t pull out but confess your love to me

Neo yojeum neo byeolloya neo byeolloya
Na geunde nan neoppuniya nan neoppuniya
Bunmyeonghage naege seoneul geueojwo
Jakku dwiro ppaeji malgo nal saranghanda gobaekhae jwo

Pretending that we’re just friends, acting like we’re lovers, don’t do that
The more I think about it, I get more curious about your real feelings
Girl you’re so ambiguous, I can’t do anything or maybe I’m expecting a miracle, lotto
I want a clear sign but I forget all about it when I see your smile

Yeojeonhi chinguincheok tto yeoninincheok
Haengdonghaneun moseubeul jeonbuda dorikyeo
Saenggak hal surok neoui jinsimi deo gunggeumhaejineun geol
Girl you’re so
Ambiguous nan motae mueotdo
Ani eojjeomyeon gijeogeul baraji lotto
Hwaksilhan pyohyeoneul wonhajiman
Neoui miso ttuin pyojeonge ijeobeoriji nan

These days, it feels like  you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
Don’t just laugh like you don’t know and stop this now, be real with me
Don’t put me in your heart and look elsewhere
Why don’t you stop acting like you don’t know when you do know?
Don’t give excuses that you’re tired but hurry and tell me, I love you

Yojeum ttara naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo
Nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na
Sunjinhan cheok utjiman malgo geuman jom hae
Neo soljikhage jom gureobwa
Ni mam soge nal nwadugo han nun palji ma
Neoyamallo da almyeonseo ttancheong piuji ma
Pigonhage him ppaeji malgo eoseo malhaejwo
Saranghandan mariya

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Block B- Be The Light

Block B- Be The Light

Click me to watch the video with English subtitles~!

Let’s just take a moment to thank god that Block B is back. Honestly, they’ve been through a whole lot more than they needed to. All the scandals and the thing with their manager. I’m more than happy to see them back in a new situation and doing well hopefully.
Okay, sappy moment = end.
Now, onto the song itself. Here we have the example of yet another kpop love song. Block B is relaying the message of someone who doesn’t want to lose their love. They are asking that this person “be the light”. A comforting light that shines on them at all times. Whether it be a warming Sun during the day, or an ecstatic romance moon at night. But, this person doesn’t want to be with them. The lyrics make it seem as if this person is always around, taunting them and making them desperate for their love. Also, that they’re always willing to take them back. That their love will resume when that person begins shining light back upon them.


That was short, but it summed it up.

I was fangirling a little too hard when Zico was singing. It hit me by surprise. I was just sitting there gawking at my computer like an idiot. Not something I’m proud of…..

Just keep swimming until next time~!

~Ducky V

Jungle Fish 2; Korean Drama

So recently BTS came out with their song “N.O”, and it reminded me of this absolutely WONDERFUL Korean drama. It’s one of those real life dramas. It’s one of those dramas that get you thinking. It’s “Jungle Fish 2“.

          Usually when I tell you about a drama, I give you a description of each character and this and that. This drama isn’t like the other dramas I’ve reviewed. If you don’t watch any of those others, watch this one. Jungle Fish 2 is the story of a group of teenage friends going through some very real struggles within Korea’s education system. Things only get worse when one of the friends, nicknamed Jungle Fish, jumps off of the school building. Now the friends must come together and figure out the big secret behind why she jumped. That may be the main idea of the drama as a whole, but there are multiple mini stories within it. One of my favorites being Cinderella Man ( starring Lee Joon from MBLAQ ) and also the one about the girl who becomes pregnant ( starring Shin So Yul).  A drama like this, I can’t give too much away without ruining it for you.

Wow, this has to be the shortest drama review I’ve written. Anyway, it’s a series of real-life situations brought to light, and please watch it, just please.

K bai.

Just keep swimming until next time~!

~Ducky V

G-Dragon- Crooked

G-Dragon- Crooked

Click on me to watch the video with English subtitles!~

I’ve always loved G-Dragon and his style of music. It may have changed slightly from his beginnings, but he’s still the same GD. The song “Crooked” has a very fun, upbeat, techno feel, but if look at the lyrics it’s actually pretty sad. GD depicts himself as someone who is emotionally destroyed after the end of a relationship. This character was deeply in love with their partner, but then this person changed and left them. He’s reassuring himself saying it doesn’t matter because he was always “alone anyway”. He believes he “has no one and everything is meaningless.” To him the world consisted of only him and this special person, but now he’s on a lonely island. Since nothing lasts forever and he’s all alone, he’ll just be crooked. By being crooked, he’ll “put on thick eyeliner,” and use “a whole can of hairspray.” He’ll wear leather pants, a leather jacket, and party all night with a frown on his face concealing all of his pent-up emotions. He reveals that he’s scared. That he wants to go back, but he has nowhere to go back to. He wants someone to love, but there’s no one. He wants to take back all his crude words and rough eyes, but he can’t. In the end, even though he’s saying all of these harsh things and saying it doesn’t matter that this person is gone, he still misses them. Even if it’s only as a friend and only for one night, he wants this person back.
Usually, I would just fangirl over his half-nakedness, but the lyrics of the song are far too meaningful for me to say that and still call myself a true G-Dragon fan. I wanted to review “Coup D’état“, but “Crooked” was definitely a more meaningful choice. STILL CHECK IT OUT THOUGH THAT SONG IS SERIOUSLY THE BOMB. Ahem, excuse my sudden outburst.

Okay, that was REALLY long. Well, I’m done.

Just keep swimming until next time~!
~Ducky V

**Btw, am I the only one who nearly broke down when Jiyong was crying? Oh yeah, if you never knew the reason for GD’s name; Ji = G Yong = Dragon in Korean.

Who Are You; Korean Drama

You guise, I just. I can’t anymore. If you are into things of the supernatural scream “MEEEEE”! I absolutely LOVE things that are supernaturally themed. My favorites would have to be Doctor Who, Ghost Whisperer, and Supernatural. That probably explains why I was so excited to start watching the Korean drama; “Who Are You?”.

So let me give you the rundown. Detective Yang Si On ( So Yi Hyun, left ) suffers a head injury while on the job. The injury results in her being in a coma for 6 years and having no recollection of the incident. ( There is also some hint that the detective shown in the beginning is/was her love interest. Don’t yell at me because if I do give out info, it’s only info from the first episode. -nods- ). When she wakes from her coma, she has the strangest of abilities. Si On can see ghosts. Short after waking, Si On is moved to the Lost and Found Center where she works with Detective Cha Geon Woo ( Ok Taecyeon from 2PM, right ), a former Special Investigation member on suspension for gun use. While working in the Lost and Found Department, Si On is visited by the ghosts who are attached to miscellaneous items in the inventory. With the help of the lost souls, she is able to solve their murders/carry out their last wishes.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? This drama is like the Korean adaptation of “Ghost Whisperer” ( only in concept, but not in plot. ). A woman who sees dead people and helps them get to the other side? That sounds great, totally off from the usual in Kdramas. Now, I’m only five episodes in, but I think there is going to be an epic love triangle between the living and the dead ( *cough cough* dead boyfriend *cough cough* ). Is there any other Kdrama with something like that in it? I’m totally hooked. Plus, both of the main leads are hot ( Ok Taecyeon & Kim Jae Wook ), can I get a double win?!?!

By the way, I know some of you are out there going “OMG. It has ghosts, they’re going to be scary.” No need to worry. I thought that too at first. Even though I like supernatural shows, I’m a big fat wuss. The ghosts aren’t gruesome or scary in the slightest.

**There is this ghost ( you’ll see her in the first episode. ) and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I swear she could be EXO Kai’s sister. I mean, come on. I know you see the resemblance. Oh, you don’t…? Well then, nevermind….


   Lastly, this show is currently airing. And whenever I get caught up in an on-going drama, I usually go to Viki first. It’s not really a personal bias as much as the fact that my experience with watching Kdramas, Viki has their videos up the fastest.

Now I’m really done. Hasta pronto.

Just Keep swimming until next time!

~Ducky V

**Okay, okay. I lied to you. Today is 9/11, so just a little something for all the people who lost their lives on that eventful day. My sincerest condolences to the families of the deceased.

~Ducky V

Playful Kiss; Korean Drama

Playful Kiss is a k-drama classic . I know it’s old, but I gotta put it out there for all the new kpop fans. or old ones who haven’t watched it yet.

Before I get to rambling, Playful Kiss is based on a Japanese drama called Itazura Na Kiss by Tada Kaoru. It is also the third adaptation of the manga, after Taiwanese drama “It Started with a Kiss” and its sequel “They Kiss Again”

-Courtesy of Wikipedia

Okay. The drama revolved around Baek Seung Jo ( Kim Hyun Joong, top left ) and Oh Ha Ni ( Jung So Min, top right ) two high school seniors attending the same school. Baek Seung Jo is a handsome cold-hearted genius. The kind of student who gets 100% without even touching a workbook. Naturally, he is flocked upon by girls, but he never spares them a single glance. Oh Ha Ni is the complete opposite of Seung Jo. She’s not the brightest crayon in the Crayola box. She’s ranked in the bottom 5 of the school, while Seung Jo remais #1. Ha Ni has crushed on, and basically stalked, Seung Jo from the moment they started high school. Despite his cold exterior, she still silently pursues him. The story all begins with a failed love confession.

I’m going to tell you right now, the beginning of the first episode is incredibly stupid. She’s sitting in this mystical forest, and Seung Jo was a….pony?, and just nonsense. Please please PLEASE just ignore it. I let that that discourage me the first time I started watching it, but now I’ve watched both entire seasons 6-7 times (I can’t even keep track. OTL).

Anyway~, the first season consists of 16 episodes and it also has a special season with 7 episodes. You can watch it on Viki (for multiple language translations) or Dramafever pretty sure it’s on every kdrama site). And the special season on YouTube provided by Viki.

Just keep swimming until next time~!

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There’s also a Japanese one that was recently put out. You can click. Heh heh

Kill Bill- Brown Eyed Girls


I noticed that all my song recommendations were for boys. Time to break the streak! So, today I’m going to ramble about Kill Bill by BEG. I really loved the music video. How it showed the BEG killing the girls TWICE. At first I thought they were trying to kill bill, but then I realized they were trying to kill each other. Haha it took me by surprise. I haven’t actually seen Kill Bill so I have no bases to go by, if you’re reading this and you have please comment your thought! But anyway, the song relays a very powerful message of a frustrated girlfriend who’s seeking revenge on her cheater/player boyfriend. With lyrics like “Who’s in more pain? You or me?”, “This is just the beginning, you can’t cry just yet.”, “It’s sad that I’m not watching this with anyone (roughly translated via my memory).”, and lastly “Go on, confess all the names of who and who and who you’ve made cry. And gosh. I cannot be the only one who would LOVE to dance with those cowboys. Okay, I’m gonna stop now. So if you haven’t checked it out, do it now! Haha pai pai

Just keep swimming until next time!

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