Sexism in Kpop & HyunA’s “Red”

I’ve been a kpop fan for a few years now and one thing I’ve noticed is the overwhelming amount of sexism. As you may or may not, HyunA’s “Red” was released recently. If you know HyunA, you know that she’s one hell of a sexy artist. She’s not modest either. Her lyrics display overflowing confidence.


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Rap Monster Racist For Speaking “Black”? Seriously?!

If you haven’t heard yet BTS is a brand spanking new boy group who recently debuted. They consist of 7 extremely fine members (Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, Rap Monster, & V). So one of the members, Rap Monster, taught himself English. You should know that if you’re a Korean idol and you know English they’re ALWAYS going to be asking you to speak it. BTS went onto a radio show where RapMon was asked to display his English skills. So he started spitting out the randomest English that I could barely understand at first. I actually had a good laugh while watching it. I browsed through a few of the comments and noticed a trend “OMG He’s speaking like he’s black, that’s racist!!!” Okay guys, just no. NO.

First of all the last time I checked “Black” was not a language. I happen to black and I sound nothing like that, and honestly I’m tired of getting BS for sounding like I’m white. I know blackface is a problem within the kpop community, but that doesn’t mean that every single thing is blackface and racist.

Second, there were also comment like “He sounds black, how adorable. And I’m black.” Okay, you’re black. So what? Your comment is still saying that all black people sound like that, that honestly just means you’re discriminating against your own race. Okay I’m straying off topic, but that honestly really bothered me.

Third, RapMon is a rapper who began underground rapping at age 14 and taught himself English. With an interest in rap music I’m pretty sure he taught himself to speak like how rappers do in their songs. How rappers talk is not “Black” either. How rappers talk is just hood/ghetto. Not a reflection of the African American race. There are black, white, Hispanic, and Asians who speak ghetto/hood. I’m just tired of the stereotypes. And I’m also pretty sure RapMon was just exaggerating his English for the fun of it. This is how he really speaks. I think it sounds more New York style, ya know? Please leave my bby alone ;-;

Well, I’m done with my little mini rant. If you have a different take on this feel free to leave your comment, I won’t moderate just because you disagree with my opinions. As I mentioned earlier all opinions are welcome.

-Ducky V

Oh yeah, just cuz I wanna mess with your feels; Expensive Girl- Rap Monster And if you wanna know more about BTS; The Guide to Bangtan Boys.

Just keep swimming until next time.

So someone, rather rudely, informed me by email that RapMon said he was doing the “Black Hyung” accent. Okay. So yes, this offends me, very much so. But then (not in a defending tone, but more of a seeing things from all standing points) think about all the comedians that make fun of (not just Asian) different accents. I am a Sierra Leonian (West African), and I can’t help but feel a bit butthurt when people make fun of African accents (mind you Africa is a continent and therefore not every African sounds the same, or looks same, or eats the same things.) In that sense I understand how he might’ve thought it was okay. But no, it wasn’t. And it’s not okay when other people do it either. ESPECIALLY if its your own race. People think that makes it okay, but no. If you make fun of your own race, why shouldn’t other races? That’s all. Toodleloo