K-pop Fashion Kreation: Kpopify Anything with Fabric !!! IRON-ON PATCHES!!!

Materials Needed:

  • Something you wish to “kpopify”. i.e. – a shirt, backpack, or pillow.
  • Iron-on fabric transfers
  • Computer
  • Iron
  • Printer


  1. First, you want to hop onto your computer and find a very high definition (maybe a screen saver) of your favorite group/group member and or a symbol of your favorite group (this doesn’t need to be HD because you are most probably going to print it small.
  2. If you have more than one picture (small things such as symbols) move them to a word document and place them a good distance away from each other. A graph helps keep them at a good cutting distance.
  3. *IMPORTANT* Now, print your images out on a regular sheet if copy paper. Check to see if the images come out alright and make any adjustments you need to.
  4. Load the special transfer paper into your printer. Make sure you are printing in the right side! Print your images out~.
  5. After your images have printed, cut out your individual images. If you just have one image this isn’t necessary.
  6. Now, peel the backing away from the individual iron on patches and place them onto your item where you want it to be located.
  7. After you have all of your patches placed where you want them, cover them with the parchment paper provided in the packet with your transfer paper.
  8. Follow the ironing instructions located on the back of the packet the iron-on paper came in.
  9. Make sure your image has been transferred properly and voila~! You’re done!!!

Here’s some video instructions!!!

This is what my word document looked like~

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.16.10 PM


This is what my finished product looked like:

diy shorts

Now you can show off your brand new “kpopified” item! Have fun kpop kreating~

Just keep swimming until next time.

-Ducky V


Kpop Fashion Kreations: Cute/Sexy Shear Top from Tights

So this is probably going to be the easiest Kpop Fashion Kreation you’ll come across. Today, I’ll show you how to make a shear top from a pair of tights or leggings. Brought to you by ItsMyRayeRaye on YouTube. Here’s the original video. Below you’ll find my written instructions.





  1. Lay out your tights (if you’re using leggings skip this step) and cut off the foot part (you can adjust the arm length later).
  2. Cut a V shape out of the crotch area of your leggings/tights. This for your head. I suggest you start out small.
  3. Try on your shirt, and note any changes you’d like to make.
  4. *optional. Make the arms shorter by cutting them down to the desired length. Make the neckline deeper and bigger by cutting the V in the crotch bigger.

    Just keep swimming until next time!

    ~Ducky V