K-pop Fans Vs. K-pop Fans

Let’s just love~


sunny frown meme

Why is it that even though k-pop fans tend to love meeting other k-pop fans in person, there’s so much rivalry online between netizens? Every time I read comments on k-pop sites or blogs, I find that fans fight over basically anything. Think about it this way. K-pop may be spreading but the fan population still has a way to go before becoming really popular. As for now, k-pop fans should still be banding together in unity with the goal of spreading k-pop even more! Sensitive topics naturally arise sometimes and hence lead to disagreements, but bickering over petty issues is just unnecessary.

For example, I find that many k-pop fans love to argue about which band is the best. I’ve done this myself in the past and I’ve come to the realization that it doesn’t even make sense. Which band is the best is up to the person —…

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