KIY: Kpop Necklace DIY

I’ve been on a roll with DIYs lately and just decided to do another fairly easy one.


  • Coin/Badge
  • Clear Tape
  • Scissors
  • Picture
  • Glue/Mod Podge
  • Hot Glue Gun/E6000
  • Necklace Chain
  • Jump Rings (one for each pendant)


  1. Find a pin or a coin that you wouldn’t miss. Measure it and print out a picture that would fit on it. (If your picture is too big, bend it so it shows up like how you would like your pendant to look.)
  2.  Get out some type of glue (a light glue like stick glue or mod podge) and glue your picture in place.
  3. Let your pendant dry if you have to, and then cut off any excess paper that hangs off of your pendant.
  4. Get some clear tape, and put it over your pendant. This will make it shiny and give it extra protection from things like water and also keep your picture in place.
  5. Cut off excess tape, but leave a small amount around the rim.
  6. Bend back the tape you left behind, this will help keep your picture in place.
  7. Get out some jump rings. If they’re big, leave them be, but if they’re small open them up.
  8. Using a glue gun or E6000/Goop (I recommend E6000/Goop), put some glue on the top back of your pendant and glue on your jump ring. If you opened yours, make sure the open part is facing up.
  9. Get out your chain. Slide the chain into the jump ring to attach the pendant.
  10. Now, close your jump ring if you have to. (In the video I used a nail cutter, but you could break a nail cutter doing that fyi.)

Video Instructions:

Finished Product:

Photo on 7-18-14 at 10.34 PM #2

Photo on 7-18-14 at 10.35 PM

Made with a pin I didn’t care for.


Photo on 7-18-14 at 10.36 PM #2

Made with a 2 pence coin I had no use for.

Just keep swimming until next time.

-Ducky V


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