Ignorance is Not Bliss


blackface pic for blog

We’ve been through it before, but we hoped it wouldn’t rear its ugly head again. While its unfortunate that it has returned, we’re just happy that we’re here to address it this time while its still a hot topic. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the first and last time we ever have to confront this. What are we talking about? Blackface in Korea.

Just recently, MC Jun Hyun Moo thought it would be a great idea to dress up as Sam Otswiri (or better known as, Sam Ochiri)in Blackface if his show hits 3% in viewer ratings. Although it was only a suggestion that has not yet been put into action, it has caused a disturbance amongst netizens as to whether it is acceptable, or rather why it really isn’t. While some blame the journalist’s prejudicial view on the premise that this act is racist, we can confidently say…

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