KIY: K-Pop Box Decor

I just got a new box for my crafting stuff, and I thought I’d decorate it a bit. So if you have anything in mind that you want to decorate, here you go! Materials:

  • Some picture that you want on your box.
  • Rubber cement, or some kind of glue.
  • Clear Tape
  • **Stickers and/or Decorative Tape that you can use to fill in for any open spaces you have left after putting in your pictures.


  1. Get out your pictures and your box that you want to decorate. Place the picture on the box in a design that you like (I did mine collage style).
  2. Get out your glue/rubber cement and use a little bit just to keep your pictures in place.
  3. Get out your clear tape and start taping over the pictures to seal them in. Make sure you let a little tape stick to the side of your box, so everything is kept in place.

Here’s my final product: Photo on 7-17-14 at 9.14 PM #2   Step by step video instructions:

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