Misled K-pop Stars: Racial Ignorance in Korea



What is Black English?

A term that is often found in the kpop industry. If you’re searching for a definition, good luck with that; we’re just here to save you a trip. Still, it remains real in the minds of many, especially kpop idols. The second the term “black english” is thrown about, people typically think of ghetto people and base their perception from generalized stereotypes, which leads to dangerous thinking for K-pop stars as it can lead to hurt fans.

There have been instances in which these stars unknowingly isolated and insulted their african american fans as they attempted to capture and mimic what black english is. For example, BTS’ Rapmonster decided to showcase his English skills on a radio show as he offered to “talk like a black person” for everybody, more specifically, black english. Even though we were insulted by his impression, the only redeeming quality was…

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