EXO’s Kim Jong In Supposedly Says “Fuck you, you n****r”

Well hot diggity damn, I don’t even know where to start. First, let me show you the video. It was the only one I could rip and I got from Tumblr. Note, this particular person is in Kai’s defense.


Most of the people I’ve seen have been upset that one; Kai said the n word or two; people are saying that Kai said the n word. However, I happen to be upset either way. Before we get down to that, let’s ponder over the situation at hand. I am going to write this, you could say, article from two different point of views, then I’ll leave my final opinion at the bottom.



Assuming Kai is the culprit of the horrid racial slur, despite the subtitling of the video, I am horribly displeased and disgusted. This means that someone that might not necessarily be my bias  but is still the bias of many others has just completely crumpled and figuratively trashed my image of EXO. Personally I believe all the people who are desperately trying to defend him are only making my view of him worse.

The first excuse is “He’s Korean, he probably doesn’t know what it means. It’s all because of pop culture!!!” Okay well, newsflash is; it’s not so hard to look up something before you say it. Kai was about 15 in that video and I’m sure he would have the common sense to make sure he knows what he’s saying before he says it. I’ve actually had this experience before, the only difference is I was in the 2nd grade. I was upset at my teach and I asked my Hispanic friend how to say “ugly” in  Spanish so I wouldn’t get in trouble, she told me to just say “puta”. Well yeah I did, and guess who got a behavior document and a pop on the mouth with a thick belt when I got home, you guessed right, me. If you didn’t know, that basically means “bitch”. My point is everyone older than 12 should know that they always need to know what is coming out of their mouth to make sure they’re not cursing themselves.

The other excuse is that Kai thought the n word was just another curse word like “fuck”. That. just. makes. it. worse. How dare you try and accessorize a word that victimized, discriminated, oppressed, and tore apart my race. I’d much rather you just lie and say he didn’t know what he was saying to be honest. I think the reason I was hurt the most was the thought that someone anywhere could just whip out that word with a big bright smile on their face without knowing anything about it and all the pain behind it. You know what I mean?



After I had cooled off from the initial anger I started to drift into the world of all of the explanations and etcetera etcetera of how it wasn’t Kai and whatever. But, I came across someone’s theory that struck me and I couldn’t help but try and view it from their perspective. Now, we should all be very aware of the beauty standards in Korea. Pale = beauty. Period point blank. Part of the reason I was so upset about this situation is the fact that the EXO members constantly bring up the fact of Tao and Kai’s darker skin tones. It honestly pisses me off and Chan Yeol’s cartoon Instagram post still has me wound up. Anyway, my point is you can’t really tell (because the video is so blurry) who exactly is saying the offensive words. The theory I read is that Kai’s friends are insulting him and decide to throw in the n word because of his tanner complexion. Yes, considering this possibility does cool me down, but it still leaves my heart unsettled.

This means that whoever said it towards Kai knew that it was a hurtful word that is used towards darker (black) people. **Please note that I;m not saying African American because it’s not just American black people who were slaves** That means they feel like it’s okay for them to say that word.

So basically, to me this is a lose/lose situation because whether Kai said it or not, one of those boys thought it was okay for them to say it. I’ll be honest I used to use the word all the time. However, when this happened I realized how upset it made me hearing it come out of the mouthes of people of other races, so why should I use it too? If you’re a black person and you use that word, I really hope you reconsider your vocabulary choice. I mean I still listen to Drake and Nicki Minaj or whatever, but I don’t use the word myself. I guess that doesn’t make it any better but I’m no saint.

Well it’s late and I’m tired so this probably has a bunch of errors. So anyway I’d love to have some other opinions on this. Put me in check if you have to lol. I’ve been gone for a bit, but I’m back now. Hopefully some of you guys missed me~

-Ducky V

26 thoughts on “EXO’s Kim Jong In Supposedly Says “Fuck you, you n****r”

  1. Hello. My opinion is, if white people and Black Americans would stop using the word in media, we wouldn’t have this problem. We can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube now! 😦

  2. Let me put your stupid fucking ass in check~ WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?! All you butthurt ass black kpop fans always talking shit about my oppas! Get a fucking life. Stop listening to kpop if you don’t like it!! They’re Korean, they don’t give a fuck about blackpeople the only people who give a fuck about black people are black people. So what if he said it. Stop spending your entire life bringing down my oppas and making people not like them!!! Ugh, fucking hate bitches like you! Go back to Africa and listen to your tribal bull shit.

    • Being racist is not the way to go about things and highly doubt that your idols would support you thinking this way. Even if they would, I would hope that your morals would be better than this. That being said, I’m done. Thanks for your comment I guess…..

    • Ha. Right. I’m sure they “don’t give a fuck about blackpeople (sic)” Lol! Is that why their music is is actually just a watered down version of music made by black people? Wow. I think you should look into the history of k-pop music, or just pop music in general (and Rock, R&B, Hip Hop and Rap*, Soul, Jazz, etc) and I think you’ll find a lot of things that will make you want to reconsider the notion that your “oppas” don’t care. K-pop is seriously just a blatant rip-off of Western music, mostly African American. I really could go on and maybe even give examples, but what’s the point with non-humans like yourself.
      *Isn’t Kai one of the lead rappers in the group? Rap was created by black people if you didn’t get my gist. Please. Go away. You are really scum and I’m sure your “oppas” don’t and NEVER will give a single shit about racist insignificant creatures like you.

        LMFAO Koreans go into black neighborhoods and exploit black people by selling weaves and then send their kids to college.
        Koreans honestly don’t care about blacks. They are going to keep doing blackface because they know that blacks will still watch Kpop and feeding money to them.

    • You know… I really love EXO. And you love EXO too. But this is just way too far. If Kai said this then it is his own fault, and I am sure he learned better because this was when he was about 15. But you are just continuing the cycle of hate by bashing people of another culture and race. That is unacceptable and unbelievable and extremely racist. It’s outrageous.

    • Saying that black people can’t listen to kpop is the equivalent of saying white people can’t listen to rap, hip hop e.t.c and Koreans don’t give a fuck about black people? Are you serious? Then they might as well not care about whites too since they are of a different race right? Plus people care about Obama and what is he? Black how about Nelson Mandela, Micheal Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr? Even Morgan Freeman. If no one cares why are they well known? Why do they teach young kids about Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr at school if no one cares? How about Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Drake and Beyonce? If no one cared about these black people why are all their concerts sold out? The only person than needs their ass in check.

  3. And we care because? Does it matter if he said the n wlrd or not. look bitch, black people will always be the lowest of the low so shut your ass hile okay? oh and stop liking kpop. its not for black people.

    • Oh goodness honey. We’re the lowest of the lowest but all your beloved kpop artists steal they’re concepts and dance styles from things that originate from black people. Stop liking kpop? It’s not for black people? What race/nationality are you? I’d sincerely like to know. Do you speak Korean? Like at all? Please get back to me sweet heart.

      • DuckyV, please don’t misunderstand. I meant to reply Ihateblackpeople, but I accidentally followed up on you. Please use my below comment and link it back to Ihateblackpeople, cause I intend to drag her racist ass.

    • Welp, now I’m glad EXOcrement is the cesspool of Kpop. After seeing racist EXO-L like you, I’m super happy that EXOcrement is getting all that hate from general netizens. In fact, I hope your idol will live forever alone, old and ugly.

      • Oh my. Question… Did you read the post? Because of you read the post I’m sure you’ll retract the statement that I’m racist. Yes some EXO fans are extremly racist and blind to the fact that their idols are racist and colorist, but I am moat definitely not one of those. Honestly, Serena, I find it worrisome that you are harboring so much hate. You don’t have to like EXO or myself. But damn, chill out.

  4. Hi. I know I’m like weeks later posting this, but I just wanted to say, it doesn’t matter what skin color you are you should be able to like what ever music appeals to you, don’t let these cruel racist comments get to you. I know it probably hurts but there’s always going to be ignorant assholes out there, but they can’t help their stupidity. And I gotta say, most Asians are prejudice against darker skinned people, as some of you said it’s part of their culture, I know that sounds bad but it is. I’m not making excuses for them nor should anyone else. But with the kpop industry growing worldwide Koreans ( and other Asians ) are opening up more to the outside world. Even if their “pale beauty standards” remain they’ll start to adapt and be comfortable with other races. So it requires time, more and more Korean people, particularly the younger generations are already more accepting of other races so it’s just a matter of time, people need to stop getting butt hurt over people sharing their opinions and some of you crazy obsessive exo fans need to chill the fuck out. How would you feel if your “Idols” we’re making racist comments about your skin tone? You would be a stupid pussy and cry about it because your Oppa doesn’t like you. Grow the fuck up. My rant is done. People need to stop being racist.

    • Shaelyn thank you for your comforting comment in this world of ignorance and just people who seem to be so insensitive..i just dont understand why there always has to be racism or just a means to bring others down because of their said “flaws”..
      I guess not everyone is open minded sadly..i just dont get why some people cant deal with seeing other people of different cult or race or whatever..like who cares what the past was..we are the next generation..what will our childrens lives be like for the next centuries? Hopefully not messed up.

  5. Wow I know I’m over a year late but damn these comments had me riled up. It’s honestly shocking to see that racism is still alive and well. I am most definitely an ExoL and am not black but the amount of discrimination from an idol does not make it any less harmful to an entire race. Although I’m extremely late in reading up on this, I hope those that wrote negative feedback on this thread have seen the light in what it means to be respectful and to promote equality in the world. Every race has a beauty standard but that doesn’t necessarily mean to put down or disregard other people’s uniqueness. Hoping everyone continues to be happy with themselves to not say such horrid things to each other.

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