Misled K-pop Stars: Racial Ignorance in Korea



What is Black English?

A term that is often found in the kpop industry. If you’re searching for a definition, good luck with that; we’re just here to save you a trip. Still, it remains real in the minds of many, especially kpop idols. The second the term “black english” is thrown about, people typically think of ghetto people and base their perception from generalized stereotypes, which leads to dangerous thinking for K-pop stars as it can lead to hurt fans.

There have been instances in which these stars unknowingly isolated and insulted their african american fans as they attempted to capture and mimic what black english is. For example, BTS’ Rapmonster decided to showcase his English skills on a radio show as he offered to “talk like a black person” for everybody, more specifically, black english. Even though we were insulted by his impression, the only redeeming quality was…

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K-pop Fashion Kreation: Kpopify Anything with Fabric !!! IRON-ON PATCHES!!!

Materials Needed:

  • Something you wish to “kpopify”. i.e. – a shirt, backpack, or pillow.
  • Iron-on fabric transfers
  • Computer
  • Iron
  • Printer


  1. First, you want to hop onto your computer and find a very high definition (maybe a screen saver) of your favorite group/group member and or a symbol of your favorite group (this doesn’t need to be HD because you are most probably going to print it small.
  2. If you have more than one picture (small things such as symbols) move them to a word document and place them a good distance away from each other. A graph helps keep them at a good cutting distance.
  3. *IMPORTANT* Now, print your images out on a regular sheet if copy paper. Check to see if the images come out alright and make any adjustments you need to.
  4. Load the special transfer paper into your printer. Make sure you are printing in the right side! Print your images out~.
  5. After your images have printed, cut out your individual images. If you just have one image this isn’t necessary.
  6. Now, peel the backing away from the individual iron on patches and place them onto your item where you want it to be located.
  7. After you have all of your patches placed where you want them, cover them with the parchment paper provided in the packet with your transfer paper.
  8. Follow the ironing instructions located on the back of the packet the iron-on paper came in.
  9. Make sure your image has been transferred properly and voila~! You’re done!!!

Here’s some video instructions!!!

This is what my word document looked like~

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.16.10 PM


This is what my finished product looked like:

diy shorts

Now you can show off your brand new “kpopified” item! Have fun kpop kreating~

Just keep swimming until next time.

-Ducky V

On the Kai Situation

So someone sent me an e-mail saying “You should chill because no one is mad about in Korea, so that means he didn’t say it”. First, let me just say that I’m mad whether he said it or not because SOMEONE said it and that’s one hundred and one percent not okay. Second, why should it matter to me whether or not Korean people are upset? It’s not their race that is affected by the usage of that word. And especially since they most definitely weren’t concerned, and were actually quite amused, at the the thought of blackface and probably still are. Not to be rude or anything, but if you’re going to try and defend Kai please think about your reason carefully before just sending nonsense my way. Plus, you can just comment whatever you want, I’m not blocking anything…so.

Anyway, peace out.

~Ducky V

Soyou & JungGiGo’s “썸”(Some)

I am absolutely in love with “Some” sang by Junggigo and Soyou. The melody is light and sweet and it just makes me feel happy. Their voices are so light and feathery and fit beautifully with each other. This is basically “This could be us, but you playin'” in song version. Two people have been hanging out for a while and now it feels as if they’re dating each other, even though they no they’re not. They’re waiting for some sort of clarification on their relationship status from the other person.

Lyrics courtesy of KpopLyrics.net

Sometimes, I get annoyed without even knowing
But my feelings for you haven’t changed
Maybe I’m the weird one, I thought
As I struggled by myself

Gakkeumssik nado moreuge jjajeungina
Neoreul hyanghan mameun byeonhaji anhanneunde
Hoksi naega isanghan geolkka
Honja himdeulge jinaego isseosseo

While tossing and turning alone in an empty room
The TV plays reruns of yesterday’s drama
As I hold my phone that doesn’t ring until I sleep

Teong bin bang honja meonghani dwicheogida
Tibieneun eoje bon geot gateun deurama
Jami deul ttaekkaji hanbeondo ulliji annneun haendeuponeul deulgo
These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not

It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
What are we? I’m confused, don’t be aloof
It feels like we’re lovers, it seems like we’re lovers but not
Whenever you see me, you act so vague to me
These days, I hate hearing that I’m just like a friend

Yojeumttara naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo
Nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na
Ige museun saiin geonji sasil hetgallyeo muttukttukhage guljima
Yeoninin deut yeonin anin yeonin gateun neo
Naman bol deut aemaehage nal daehaneun neo
Ttaeroneun chingu gatdaneun mari
Gwaenhi yojeum nan deutgi sirheojyeosseo

I want to open my eyes to your text every morning
I want to fall asleep with your voice at the end of the day
On the weekends, I want to hug you in front of a lot of people as if I’m showing off

Maeil achim neoui munjae nuneul tteugo
Haru kkeuteneun ni moksorie jamdeulgo pa
Jumareneun manheun saram sogeseo
Boran deusi neol kkeureo ango sipeo

These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
These days, I hate hearing that I’m just like a friend

Yojeum ttara naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo
Nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na
Ige museun saiin geonji sasil hetgallyeo muttukttukhage guljima
Yeoninin deut yeonin anin yeonin gateun neo
Naman bol deut aemaehage nal daehaneun neo
Ttaeroneun chingu gatdaneun mari
Gwaenhi yojeum nan deutgi sirheojyeosseo

I don’t like you, don’t like you these days
But I only have you, I only have you
Clearly draw the line for me
Don’t pull out but confess your love to me

Neo yojeum neo byeolloya neo byeolloya
Na geunde nan neoppuniya nan neoppuniya
Bunmyeonghage naege seoneul geueojwo
Jakku dwiro ppaeji malgo nal saranghanda gobaekhae jwo

Pretending that we’re just friends, acting like we’re lovers, don’t do that
The more I think about it, I get more curious about your real feelings
Girl you’re so ambiguous, I can’t do anything or maybe I’m expecting a miracle, lotto
I want a clear sign but I forget all about it when I see your smile

Yeojeonhi chinguincheok tto yeoninincheok
Haengdonghaneun moseubeul jeonbuda dorikyeo
Saenggak hal surok neoui jinsimi deo gunggeumhaejineun geol
Girl you’re so
Ambiguous nan motae mueotdo
Ani eojjeomyeon gijeogeul baraji lotto
Hwaksilhan pyohyeoneul wonhajiman
Neoui miso ttuin pyojeonge ijeobeoriji nan

These days, it feels like  you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
Don’t just laugh like you don’t know and stop this now, be real with me
Don’t put me in your heart and look elsewhere
Why don’t you stop acting like you don’t know when you do know?
Don’t give excuses that you’re tired but hurry and tell me, I love you

Yojeum ttara naekkeoin deut naekkeo anin naekkeo gateun neo
Nikkeoin deut nikkeo anin nikkeo gateun na
Sunjinhan cheok utjiman malgo geuman jom hae
Neo soljikhage jom gureobwa
Ni mam soge nal nwadugo han nun palji ma
Neoyamallo da almyeonseo ttancheong piuji ma
Pigonhage him ppaeji malgo eoseo malhaejwo
Saranghandan mariya

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EXO’s Kim Jong In Supposedly Says “Fuck you, you n****r”

Well hot diggity damn, I don’t even know where to start. First, let me show you the video. It was the only one I could rip and I got from Tumblr. Note, this particular person is in Kai’s defense.


Most of the people I’ve seen have been upset that one; Kai said the n word or two; people are saying that Kai said the n word. However, I happen to be upset either way. Before we get down to that, let’s ponder over the situation at hand. I am going to write this, you could say, article from two different point of views, then I’ll leave my final opinion at the bottom.



Assuming Kai is the culprit of the horrid racial slur, despite the subtitling of the video, I am horribly displeased and disgusted. This means that someone that might not necessarily be my bias  but is still the bias of many others has just completely crumpled and figuratively trashed my image of EXO. Personally I believe all the people who are desperately trying to defend him are only making my view of him worse.

The first excuse is “He’s Korean, he probably doesn’t know what it means. It’s all because of pop culture!!!” Okay well, newsflash is; it’s not so hard to look up something before you say it. Kai was about 15 in that video and I’m sure he would have the common sense to make sure he knows what he’s saying before he says it. I’ve actually had this experience before, the only difference is I was in the 2nd grade. I was upset at my teach and I asked my Hispanic friend how to say “ugly” in  Spanish so I wouldn’t get in trouble, she told me to just say “puta”. Well yeah I did, and guess who got a behavior document and a pop on the mouth with a thick belt when I got home, you guessed right, me. If you didn’t know, that basically means “bitch”. My point is everyone older than 12 should know that they always need to know what is coming out of their mouth to make sure they’re not cursing themselves.

The other excuse is that Kai thought the n word was just another curse word like “fuck”. That. just. makes. it. worse. How dare you try and accessorize a word that victimized, discriminated, oppressed, and tore apart my race. I’d much rather you just lie and say he didn’t know what he was saying to be honest. I think the reason I was hurt the most was the thought that someone anywhere could just whip out that word with a big bright smile on their face without knowing anything about it and all the pain behind it. You know what I mean?



After I had cooled off from the initial anger I started to drift into the world of all of the explanations and etcetera etcetera of how it wasn’t Kai and whatever. But, I came across someone’s theory that struck me and I couldn’t help but try and view it from their perspective. Now, we should all be very aware of the beauty standards in Korea. Pale = beauty. Period point blank. Part of the reason I was so upset about this situation is the fact that the EXO members constantly bring up the fact of Tao and Kai’s darker skin tones. It honestly pisses me off and Chan Yeol’s cartoon Instagram post still has me wound up. Anyway, my point is you can’t really tell (because the video is so blurry) who exactly is saying the offensive words. The theory I read is that Kai’s friends are insulting him and decide to throw in the n word because of his tanner complexion. Yes, considering this possibility does cool me down, but it still leaves my heart unsettled.

This means that whoever said it towards Kai knew that it was a hurtful word that is used towards darker (black) people. **Please note that I;m not saying African American because it’s not just American black people who were slaves** That means they feel like it’s okay for them to say that word.

So basically, to me this is a lose/lose situation because whether Kai said it or not, one of those boys thought it was okay for them to say it. I’ll be honest I used to use the word all the time. However, when this happened I realized how upset it made me hearing it come out of the mouthes of people of other races, so why should I use it too? If you’re a black person and you use that word, I really hope you reconsider your vocabulary choice. I mean I still listen to Drake and Nicki Minaj or whatever, but I don’t use the word myself. I guess that doesn’t make it any better but I’m no saint.

Well it’s late and I’m tired so this probably has a bunch of errors. So anyway I’d love to have some other opinions on this. Put me in check if you have to lol. I’ve been gone for a bit, but I’m back now. Hopefully some of you guys missed me~

-Ducky V