Block B- Be The Light

Block B- Be The Light

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Let’s just take a moment to thank god that Block B is back. Honestly, they’ve been through a whole lot more than they needed to. All the scandals and the thing with their manager. I’m more than happy to see them back in a new situation and doing well hopefully.
Okay, sappy moment = end.
Now, onto the song itself. Here we have the example of yet another kpop love song. Block B is relaying the message of someone who doesn’t want to lose their love. They are asking that this person “be the light”. A comforting light that shines on them at all times. Whether it be a warming Sun during the day, or an ecstatic romance moon at night. But, this person doesn’t want to be with them. The lyrics make it seem as if this person is always around, taunting them and making them desperate for their love. Also, that they’re always willing to take them back. That their love will resume when that person begins shining light back upon them.


That was short, but it summed it up.

I was fangirling a little too hard when Zico was singing. It hit me by surprise. I was just sitting there gawking at my computer like an idiot. Not something I’m proud of…..

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~Ducky V


How I learned Hangul

How I learned Hangul

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As a dedicated Kpop fan, I felt the growing need to learn Korean and Hangul. My Korean is not yet that developed, but I can honestly tell you I learned Hangul in around 2 weeks. Now, I’m no tutor/teacher so I wouldn’t rely on myself to teach you. HOWEVER, I can share with you how I learned how to read Hangul….even if I have no idea what I’m reading.

The very wonderful SweetAndTasty from YouTube taught me all I know. And you can watch the first video in the sequence by clicking on the photo.

Just keep swimming until next time~!

~Ducky V