G-Dragon- Crooked

G-Dragon- Crooked

Click on me to watch the video with English subtitles!~

I’ve always loved G-Dragon and his style of music. It may have changed slightly from his beginnings, but he’s still the same GD. The song “Crooked” has a very fun, upbeat, techno feel, but if look at the lyrics it’s actually pretty sad. GD depicts himself as someone who is emotionally destroyed after the end of a relationship. This character was deeply in love with their partner, but then this person changed and left them. He’s reassuring himself saying it doesn’t matter because he was always “alone anyway”. He believes he “has no one and everything is meaningless.” To him the world consisted of only him and this special person, but now he’s on a lonely island. Since nothing lasts forever and he’s all alone, he’ll just be crooked. By being crooked, he’ll “put on thick eyeliner,” and use “a whole can of hairspray.” He’ll wear leather pants, a leather jacket, and party all night with a frown on his face concealing all of his pent-up emotions. He reveals that he’s scared. That he wants to go back, but he has nowhere to go back to. He wants someone to love, but there’s no one. He wants to take back all his crude words and rough eyes, but he can’t. In the end, even though he’s saying all of these harsh things and saying it doesn’t matter that this person is gone, he still misses them. Even if it’s only as a friend and only for one night, he wants this person back.
Usually, I would just fangirl over his half-nakedness, but the lyrics of the song are far too meaningful for me to say that and still call myself a true G-Dragon fan. I wanted to review “Coup D’état“, but “Crooked” was definitely a more meaningful choice. STILL CHECK IT OUT THOUGH THAT SONG IS SERIOUSLY THE BOMB. Ahem, excuse my sudden outburst.

Okay, that was REALLY long. Well, I’m done.

Just keep swimming until next time~!
~Ducky V

**Btw, am I the only one who nearly broke down when Jiyong was crying? Oh yeah, if you never knew the reason for GD’s name; Ji = G Yong = Dragon in Korean.

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