So BTS came out with their new song, “N.O”. Have I mentioned that I love them? Well, I do. However, I would’ve loved “N.O” even if I’d disliked BTS. Most kpop songs revolve around love. Whether it be revenge, bringing your love back, starving love, or just being oh-so happy in love. The members of BTS are all young adults, which explains why the majority of their songs revolve around being a young adults ( like “No More Dream” and “N.O” ). This song puts out a very strong message. They tell the story of the life of the average Korean student. How parents basically run their lives, and there’s nothing else you can do but to submit. How unhappy it is to live a life in a constant cycle of school and then home or internet cafe. Where you’re studying so much, all you can think to talk about is studying. You either are #1, or you drop out. They say it’s time to say “no” and recapture your dreams and have a happy adolescence. Yes, it’s good to study and whatnot, but don’t live someone else’s dream.

This song reminds me of a very good kdrama that I just came across a while ago, and I’m definitely going to recommend it.

Just keep swimming until next time!~

~Ducky V

**Click on the picture for a link to the song with English subs.

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