Kill Bill- Brown Eyed Girls


I noticed that all my song recommendations were for boys. Time to break the streak! So, today I’m going to ramble about Kill Bill by BEG. I really loved the music video. How it showed the BEG killing the girls TWICE. At first I thought they were trying to kill bill, but then I realized they were trying to kill each other. Haha it took me by surprise. I haven’t actually seen Kill Bill so I have no bases to go by, if you’re reading this and you have please comment your thought! But anyway, the song relays a very powerful message of a frustrated girlfriend who’s seeking revenge on her cheater/player boyfriend. With lyrics like “Who’s in more pain? You or me?”, “This is just the beginning, you can’t cry just yet.”, “It’s sad that I’m not watching this with anyone (roughly translated via my memory).”, and lastly “Go on, confess all the names of who and who and who you’ve made cry. And gosh. I cannot be the only one who would LOVE to dance with those cowboys. Okay, I’m gonna stop now. So if you haven’t checked it out, do it now! Haha pai pai

Just keep swimming until next time!

~Ducky V

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