Kpoping Cooking: Banana Milk


If you’re a big Taemin fan, this recipe is perfect for you. I’m sure you’ve heard in numerous fact books, fanfics, interviews, and whatnot about Taemin’s ever-growing sugary, milky addiction. So, today I will share a quick and easy recipe on how to make your own banana milk.


Milk (one pint for each regular sized banana)
Vanilla Extract
Ground Cinnamon

1. First, peel your banana and cut it into nice thin slices.
2. Prepare your blender and add your banana slices along with your milk.
3. Blend until the there are no banana chunks left.
4. Remove the banana milk and serve.
5. Add sugar, vanilla extract, and ground cinnamon according to your personal tastes. (If you are serving others as well, let them add the sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract to their own glasses.)

I hope you enjoy your banana milk! Tell me how yours ends up! Just keep swimming until next time~!

-Ducky V

P.S. I just wanted to show you what came up while I was looking for pictures of Taemin with banana milk.

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