Just You; Taiwanese Drama


I messed up on the size. *le OTL*

Okay. I know this is a Kpop blog and all, but I just had to share this. So there is this Taiwanese drama called “Just You“. I’m completely in love with it. I’m not gonna give out any spoilers, but I will give a general idea of what it’s about.

It revolves around two main characters, Qi Yi (Aaron Yan, left) and Cheng Liang Liang (Puff Guo, right).


Qi Yi is a strange young man who dislikes people touching him, and strives to keep things in perfect order to a demanding point. Cheng Liang Liang is a bubbly high-spirited young woman with a feisty attitude who is very accident-prone. Qi Yi buys the house Liang Liang is renting and orders her out, but she refuses to move. Their rocky relationship becomes even Rockier when Liang Liang realizes Qi Yi is the new CEO of the company she works at. Especially when he starts making big changes, but it’s the Love Prohibition that brings out the most fury.

So that’s the preview. This is an on-going drama, new episodes come out early every Saturday (my time), which means it’s coming out tomorrow ;). It comes out on Viki. And even if you don’t think it’ll be that interesting, have you seen Aaron Yan? I’m not gonna lie, he’s pretty attractive.

Like this:


And this:


And oh sweet Jesus this:


Okay Imma stop now. OTL But definitely check it out, I think it’s really funny, and cute, and I just generally like it. So head on over to Viki. Go, go~~~!

Just keep swimming until next time!

-Ducky V

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