Rap Monster Racist For Speaking “Black”? Seriously?!

If you haven’t heard yet BTS is a brand spanking new boy group who recently debuted. They consist of 7 extremely fine members (Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, Rap Monster, & V). So one of the members, Rap Monster, taught himself English. You should know that if you’re a Korean idol and you know English they’re ALWAYS going to be asking you to speak it. BTS went onto a radio show where RapMon was asked to display his English skills. So he started spitting out the randomest English that I could barely understand at first. I actually had a good laugh while watching it. I browsed through a few of the comments and noticed a trend “OMG He’s speaking like he’s black, that’s racist!!!” Okay guys, just no. NO.

First of all the last time I checked “Black” was not a language. I happen to black and I sound nothing like that, and honestly I’m tired of getting BS for sounding like I’m white. I know blackface is a problem within the kpop community, but that doesn’t mean that every single thing is blackface and racist.

Second, there were also comment like “He sounds black, how adorable. And I’m black.” Okay, you’re black. So what? Your comment is still saying that all black people sound like that, that honestly just means you’re discriminating against your own race. Okay I’m straying off topic, but that honestly really bothered me.

Third, RapMon is a rapper who began underground rapping at age 14 and taught himself English. With an interest in rap music I’m pretty sure he taught himself to speak like how rappers do in their songs. How rappers talk is not “Black” either. How rappers talk is just hood/ghetto. Not a reflection of the African American race. There are black, white, Hispanic, and Asians who speak ghetto/hood. I’m just tired of the stereotypes. And I’m also pretty sure RapMon was just exaggerating his English for the fun of it. This is how he really speaks. I think it sounds more New York style, ya know? Please leave my bby alone ;-;

Well, I’m done with my little mini rant. If you have a different take on this feel free to leave your comment, I won’t moderate just because you disagree with my opinions. As I mentioned earlier all opinions are welcome.

-Ducky V

Oh yeah, just cuz I wanna mess with your feels; Expensive Girl- Rap Monster And if you wanna know more about BTS; The Guide to Bangtan Boys.

Just keep swimming until next time.

So someone, rather rudely, informed me by email that RapMon said he was doing the “Black Hyung” accent. Okay. So yes, this offends me, very much so. But then (not in a defending tone, but more of a seeing things from all standing points) think about all the comedians that make fun of (not just Asian) different accents. I am a Sierra Leonian (West African), and I can’t help but feel a bit butthurt when people make fun of African accents (mind you Africa is a continent and therefore not every African sounds the same, or looks same, or eats the same things.) In that sense I understand how he might’ve thought it was okay. But no, it wasn’t. And it’s not okay when other people do it either. ESPECIALLY if its your own race. People think that makes it okay, but no. If you make fun of your own race, why shouldn’t other races? That’s all. Toodleloo

22 thoughts on “Rap Monster Racist For Speaking “Black”? Seriously?!

    • Oh no no no. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying everyone is wrong in a sense. If you’re going to be upset at him for doing those things, then you have to be willing to admit that it’s wrong in every form. I’m not saying that it’s okay or wrong to be upset.
      I’m just saying that this particular event caused me to reflect on myself and realize that I’d been doing the same thing, causing me to be upset with both him and myself.

      Overall, yes, you have every right to be upset, and I expect you to be. I’m just talking about how I reflected over it.

  1. Omg, I saw SIERRA LEONEAN and I lost it. I’m Sierra Leonean and I love Kpop too!!! Lool, i’m sorry, I’m spazzing a bit. Not only is it hard to find Sierra Leonean in general, but in Kpop!!!!! Omg, annyeong and how di body me sista ! 😛

      • Yess!! 😀
        Omg, seriously, this is the most epic thing ever! Do u have tumblr???
        We need to keepin touch. This is just too good of a miracle for us to let it go (well more me)!!

  2. Well the only problem i see with this post is that your egregiously misinformed…before he started “speaking english” a couple of the other boys showed off their individual talent and he said he has a talent for “speaking black” so he wasnt showing off his english skills he was specifically showing off his speaking like a “black” person skills…thats why everyone was so upset. Now with that being said i am black and i dont find it offensive at all, i actually thought it was cute and funny. But most black people who listen to kpop dont see it that way because by him saying thats how black people speak… hes essentially saying thats how his black fans speak and that is not true at all.

    • I totally understand. I can honestly say I wasn’t offended either. However, a lot of people were. So, I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter. In the end though, I ended up rambling and having a sort of epiphany (the end note).

      So yeah, thanks for commenting. I’m happy to hear your opinion on the matter.

      • I was offended. But I’m desensitized. It’s not as bad as Jenny Hyundai or G Dragon or B.A.P. I’m still this close to not supporting Kpop at all. This stuff disgusts me. I guess factually there is some kind of reason for this kind of behavior but it isn’t an excuse. Kpop fans need to do something. Bigoted stars are amount the most popular ones. What made my stomach churn was while reading the comments on YouTube under Zico’s tough cookie video. Everyone was saying he was so attractive(he’s not) and talented while he was wearing a confederate flag on his chest. Even commenters who were aware of the fact said things like (this only affects black people.) And “( I know this is racist to black people but I really don’t care.) On top of this There was never an apology or explanation from Zico or anyone affiliated with him. No, His Fans apologized for him. It makes me so angry. No one cares if oppa is racist. If he is, it’s not his fault. He couldn’t possibly form his own opinions about an entire race or better yet keep his opinion to his self. I agreed with some points of your argument but overall it sounded like you were oppapologizing. I understand what you mean about us not discriminating against ourselves but that shouldn’t have taken up as much of your post as it did seeing how it was just a side note. What I want to know, is why k pop fans, who know better, don’t reprimand their “babies”. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. And letting someone get away with doing or saying something racist, just because they sing or dance or are attractive is an Injustice.

  3. you know what i hate. I hate it when people just stereotype Africa, as the “country” where the slaves came from and people there live in huts and are starving.

  4. Talking “black” is also called Ebonics or African American Vernacular English, and yes it is offensive when people who didn’t grow up with that culture and speaking that language try to use it. People are always trying to talk like us, but it’s like they say, “everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigger.” Non-black people who try to “talk black” will never be treated as badly as black people who “talk black,” because for them it’s just a fad that can slip in and out of without any negative consequences, so they should stop doing it.

    • And on top of that, you’re correct, not all black people speak like that, which is why it’s so frustrating when people treat us, our fashion, our culture etc. like commodities without acknowledging who we are as a diverse people.

      • Yes, one hundred percent. What I can’t stand is when black people criticize other black people who speak properly and deem it as “trying to be white”. Since when did proper English turn into trying to be white? I live in the south and hell I know tons of white people who probably couldn’t speak proper English if they wanted to. I also know people of all ethnicities (which most are not from the US.) who speak with wonderful, colorful English. I hate that the dynamic of black people is shown like this across the world. We’re not a small group of people, we’re an entire race in which are different by each person. I’m sorry for the rant, but I love what you said.

    • I am 100% Sierra Leonean with only a hint of German from my great great grandfather on my mother’s side. Other than that I speak krio and I have been to Sierra Leone. Seen where my mother, my father, and basically my entire family grew up before branching of to the UK and the US. Why do you ask?

  5. I see both sides of the situation but at the end of the day this should not have happened. I still like rapmon, but this could have been handed differently, My friend and I touched on this topic before and wrote about it in a post. If you don’t mind, it would be great if you could read it 😉
    By the way, I like the design of your blog, its easy to navigate through different posts.

  6. First of all are u black u ain’t black so why the heck are u saying its okay fuck u ya I said it fuck u and if u fuck u don’t try to take his side he doesn’t have the right to make fun on blacks

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